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Poodle Review Magazine Article about Zamora's Toy Poodles

Our new champion, now American Champion Zamora's All About Love.
Allie finished in 6 shows, 3 majors, from the Bred By Exhibitor class!
He is champion number 7 for his sire, Birdsong Roses for Giacomo.
Allie will continue as mom's bed dog. Look for his beautiful loving pups in the future.

New American Champion Zamora's Coral Fantasy.
Finished at 13 months. Owned by Ana Honigmann

Zamora’s Red Robbie, 3-pt major first show!
Lovely movement and carriage, 9 1/2 inches of for him in the ring.

Zamora's Rio Blanco shown by his breeder

Zamora's is so proud of Marla Marlow and Zamora's Running In Overdrive.

With his talented owner, he has acquired the following AKC titles:
MACH13 Zamora's Runnin In Overdrive UD RE MXG3 MJB4 MXF MFB TQX CGC TDI

Breeder of Over 80 Toy Poodle Champions.

Zamora's Toy Poodles are lovingly raised in my home, and are available for loving PETS or to SHOW HOMES.  Quality Poodle pups are available in most colors.
Zamora's Champion Toy Poodles.
Ch. Zamora's Selena
About our Kennel:

We are located in the Northern California foothills, 40 miles from Sacramento.  I have raised Toy Poodles for over 30 years, producing 80 Toy Poodle champions in the US and abroad. Zamora's Poodles were the TOP toy poodle breeder in the US in 2005, and consistently in the top 10 show breeders every year. More are currently being shown.  Health, temperament, body type and good coats are our goals.  All pups are guaranteed and honestly represented.

Please view our  puppy photos, which include some photos from satisfied pet customers.  Your new Zamora puppy will reflect quality you can be proud of.

toy poodle champion
Ch. Zamora's Lasting Impression

Ch. Zamora's Lucky Strike

About Toy Poodles:

AKC defines the Toy Poodle as 10" or under at the shoulder.  They are bright companion dogs and are considered one of the easiest to train.  They thrive best when  they have full-time or close companionship.

The name "Teacup" refers usually to the smaller of the Toy Poodles, it is not an AKC definition.  Toys can vary in size.  Some are Teacup size (tiny toy), some right at the 10" size, and some larger, considered small Minis or oversized Toys. 

Ch Zamora's Mocha Mania

Ch Zamora's Little Red Raider

Ch Zamora's Reddi N Willing

Ch Zamora's Storm Cloud PCA
They are almost always kept as indoor pets.  The larger Toys are heartier and work out best in active homes and homes with children.  These diminutive Poodles are usually not recommended for households with children under eight years of age. We have the Poodle you want.
Ch. Zamora's Got the Action
They require professional grooming, usually once each month, but in exchange you will have a dog that does not shed.  They are often described by their owners as having a temperament like a young child rather than a dog!

Gail's Pet Food Tips:

Recommended Reading: 
"Natural Nutrition for Dog & Cat - The Ultimate Diet"
By Schultze

Recommended Reading: 
"Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food."

By Ann N. Martin

Recommended Food:
Natures Variety - Raw Frozen dog food.

We Do Not Ship.
We prefer to meet you and have you meet the puppies, and us, to ensure a good match.

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Phone calls are best but you can reach us through email.
Gail Zamora (530) 268-3201 / Email: GZAMORA@JPS.NET

Located in Northern California

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